Opportunities to Volunteer

There are many ways that people can volunteer at Abbeyfield Hoylake & West Kirby. You do not have to have any special skills or qualifications, just the desire to spend some time helping others in the community.

Volunteering at Abbeyfield

Volunteers are the life blood of the Society and whether it is for a couple of hours a week or a greater involvement on a house committee or as a Trustee, all contributions to the society are highly valued.

As a Friend of Abbeyfield volunteers are involved with befriending the residents, helping with activities and social events and outings and perhaps serving on one of the house committees which are all chaired by a volunteer and which oversee the running of the house.

We are always looking for volunteers to help support us with our vital work here at Abbeyfield Hoylake & West Kirby so if you are able to share some of your time then do come and visit us to learn more about what we do, and how you can get involved in making a difference to older people’s lives.

Become a Trustee

Anne-Marie Swift – One of our Trustees – explains why she volunteered to become a trustee.

  • Why did you want to volunteer and what were you looking for in a Charity/role?
  • I have always been a volunteer in some capacity (working with deaf children via a church charity, publicity officer for Cats Protection etc ). I always want to make a difference in whatever I do so volunteering enables me to do this above and beyond anything that I do in my professional or personal life.
  • What were you specifically looking for in a Trustee position?
  • I have had lots of life experience as well as a few senior corporate roles so felt that I wanted to be a real influencing and driving force this time which led me down the trustee route. Also I do think my promotion/marketing/branding expertise is a good fit for Abbeyfield.
  • Why did you decide to volunteer for Abbeyfield Hoylake & West Kirby?
    I am very passionate about care of the elderly these days as I see my family getting older and needing more support, so care homes are very important to me. I see my contribution being important to help to drive the positive messages about care homes as well as help to raise funds for the charity. 
  • What has your experience been in the role? Has it met your expectations?
  • It’s exceeded my expectations. There are many challenges for the organisation and it’s been very rewarding being able to contribute in a positive way with some of the bigger decision making processes. I really enjoy being part of the Abbeyfield team, and really love getting involved in all of the activities that we organise such as garden parties, open days, and other special celebrations.
  • What do you most enjoy and what is most challenging?
  • I really enjoy acting in a supportive and advisory capacity when required. It’s great being part of a committed and forward-looking team who only want the best for Abbeyfield. I feel like I’m making a difference! The biggest challenge is protecting time to devote to the tasks that I commit to for Abbeyfield – but that’s just my challenge! 
  • Would you recommend volunteering or becoming a trustee?
  • Absolutely – if they are looking for a role which really uses their skills and experiences, and enables them to truly make a difference with caring for the elderly, then getting involved with Abbeyfield should be their first point of call to achieve this. I can guarantee that they will find it truly rewarding and it will positively change their views about care homes forever.


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